Photo Zoom for Facebook

Photo Zoom for Facebook

Magnify Facebook thumbnails easily and quickly

Please note that this add-on used to be known as FB Photo Zoom. View full description


  • Simple helper for Facebook
  • Magnifies all kinds of thumbnails


  • Doesn't work on all photos
  • Can get in the way when browsing
  • No options


Please note that this add-on used to be known as FB Photo Zoom.

Photo Zoom for Facebook is a simple little add-on for Firefox, Chrome and IE that lets you magnify thumbnails you see scattered around Facebook.

These thumbnails appear all over Facebook, from photo albums to the profile picture that appears next to you name when you like or comment. These can be hard to see without opening albums or looking at a person's profile. If you've noticed this problem, try Photo Zoom for Facebook for size.

Photo Zoom for Facebook is a very simple add-on, with no configuration settings or things to change. Once you're logged into Facebook, mousing over a thumbnail (or photo) will cause a full-size version of the photo to appear. When you mouse away, the photo disappears. It's that simple!

Want to see small Facebook photos better? Install Photo Zoom for Facebook - it couldn't be easier!

Photo Zoom for Facebook


Photo Zoom for Facebook

User reviews about Photo Zoom for Facebook

  • funkagenda

    by funkagenda

    "Why need access to private data now?"

    I loved this extension...but now needs access to your facebook data??? never needed it before and now it does.... so...   More.

  • _rash_

    by _rash_

    "No way to access private data"

    Good app, but need private data and I don't know why. Removed from my chrome. They don't need that before.   More.

  • kmoulart

    by kmoulart

    "Like...d it"

    I loved the feature, really. But I do NOT want them accessing my private Data on Facebook. They didn't need it before...   More.